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Instantly Deploy Static Web Apps - Free
Powered by DigitalOcean + Nginx + Ubuntu.

No database, no bloat, no hacks.

Free SNAC allows you to use a custom domain ( forever. Our optional PRO upgrade gives you SSL, Staging, Subdomain, DNS Settings and Clean URLs for $1/month (min 3 apps).

SNAC caters to designers and developers producing sites under 30 pages. And while static pages are (well...) static, there are hundreds of third party apps that seamlessly integrate into HTML, making the functionalities of static pages equal or better than full blown CMSs. And seriously, the last thing you need when building a small website is a full blown CMS that requires 5000 to 6000 files to dynamically generate a single HTML page. That is madness.

SNAC is also a great platform for first time or non-coding developer. It is no more difficult to learn HTML5 and CCS than to navigate through CMS's like Wordress or Joomla and their thousands of uniquely designed plugins with individual learning curves. Sorry, let me rephrase that. Learning HTML5 is much easier. HTML5 and CSS are global and consistent, you only need to learn it once.

"Static web design is not a movement... It's the norm."

SNAC is located in Victoria BC Canada and was designed and developed by Roger Remacle.

Roger Remacle - SNAC Team

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Open Source Community: Snac was developed in part with: Nginx, Ubuntu, UIkit, Buefy, FontAwesome. Thank you.