Instantly deploy

Nginx + Ubuntu + DigitalOcean

No database
No bloat
No hacks
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Static web design is not a movement... It's the norm. Take the tour

Fully managed

We do everything 'server'.

No worries about security, SSL certificates, updates, command line. ...You just take care of design.


100% network up-time SLA

12 Datacenters worldwide. Extreme performance, hardware and reliability... Read more


No back doors

No server side databases to worry about. Malicious code injections or similar security exploits just don’t work.


There is no middle man with Static pages, just raw optimized Nginx performance... It flies.

Take a tour and check our demo site speed results... Tour

Green Cloud

Tiny footprint

A CMS requires 6000 files to load a single HTML page. A Static page requires 1... Itself... Read more

HTML5 CSS is easy

Free templates and screencasts

With good templates and smart screencasts, you won't even know you are learning. Read more

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