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'Free Static Hosting' registration is now closed.

Our goal was to generate interest in pure static business hosting and its many security, speed and user interaction benefits. Early results were great with just under a thousand registered users but unfortunately only a tiny portion focused on business usage. This makes our business model unsustainable.

However, existing active static hosting accounts will remain freely hosted and supported by SNAC, there is no policy change in the foreseeable future. Login Here

The future:

In the next few weeks SNAC will launch an early Beta release of its 'Cloud Server Manager'. 'One click' full stack provisioning of DigitalOcean, Linode, Rackspace or literally any vps/dedicated servers using our minimal footprint dashboard. And while the focus is on full stack provisioning (LEMP, LAMP, others) we will include a unique static server only provisioning option.

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